We would like to inform you that starting today is part of iRegister.AL. You will receive a separate email with your login credentials into our domain management system. The domain transfer will be handled by us and will not affect the domain functioning. We recommand that after login into our system please update you account details and active 2FA for account security.
Our company, incorporated as Keminet Shpk, was established in 2007. We are one of the first an accredited .AL Registrar. Our domain management brand is iRegisterAL (website). From now on we will administer the domains previously registered through DOT.AL.
As we mentioned above we are accredited registrar for .AL domain since 2013. Our license is nr. 3 dt. 23.08.2013. We are administering more than 5,000 .AL domains and our clients’ base mostly include companies that operate in Domain Registration, Webhosting, Telecommunication, Insurance, Brand Protection, Law etc..
Regarding the billing schema we are very flexible and can operate on a prepaid basis (wire, credit card, PayPal) or pay-as-you-go (credit card, PayPal). If you would like to change the billing schema please let us know.
We do provide the trustee service for .AL domains free of charge and Domain brokering (.AL Domains).
Keminet Ltd operates its own datacenter located in Albania and is a member of RIPE (since 2011) with ASN 197706.
The new login link will be: The new prices are lower. We offer a flat price of 12 Euro on registration or renewal of .AL domains an free transfer for .AL.
More on our products:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or support@keminet.netKind regards,
iRegister Team